Blog Ending, Blog Beginning

Well, time has come for me to move away from this blog. It started as a collaborative effort, but in the end that didn’t really pan out, and I (m741) ended up writing the bulk of the posts. It’s felt a bit awkward writing under a collaborative headline when it’s mostly been one person involved.

Furthermore, I’ve felt a bit constrained writing purely about skills (well, mostly about skills). When I was writing about work, or numerous other things, I felt like I was betraying the premise of the blog. Other times, I didn’t write about a topic at all, because it didn’t fit in to the ‘skills’ shoebox. And also, I have to admit that SkillsFIRE is a bit of a goofy name for a blog.

So, I’m stopping this blog, and moving to a new one. The new blog is Rob Evolves (yes, my name is Rob, and yes, I hope to evolve!).

The topic there will be growth generally. That will include financial growth, developing skills, growing spiritually, having adventures, more esoteric philosophical musings. In other words, the same sort of stuff I was writing about here, but with a broader, and more personal, focus. I’d like to do some shorter posts with just a link or a brief thought – most of the posts here were 500 to 1000 words. The overarching subject will still be growth, but of course that can mean an awful lot :). If you enjoyed this blog I think you’ll enjoy that blog as well. If you didn’t enjoy this blog… why are you still reading?

I’ve transferred over the bulk of the posts I wrote here on SkillsFIRE and eliminated a few that didn’t fit in.

(Again, the new blog is Rob Evolves).

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  1. Duly noted… New blog added to favorites. Good luck.

  2. Same here. I really enjoyed reading your blogposts and tracking you progress on the ere forum.


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