Fruit Shopping

For the past two weeks, I’ve been making smoothies on average, twice a day. That’s probably 4x more frequently than I previously was. The best part, I’ve found, is shopping!

That’s remarkable for me, because I hate shopping, and I hate spending money on things. Occasionally I get an urge to buy some books on Amazon or to get some computer parts. But I feel guilty about it; I furtively sneak a few items into my wishlist. When I buy food, I feel guilty, too. It’s usually cheap stuff like ramen or eggs, but sometimes I’d indulge in ice cream or candy or diet soda. Sure eggs are healthy, but I don’t really feel great buying them. Most of the food I end up getting is stuff that’s bad for me, and bad for the wallet.

Since I started eating smoothies I’ve looked forward to grocery shopping. I enjoy thinking about all the fresh fruit and vegetables I’m going to pick up. Maybe I’ll find some deals, or maybe I’ll try a new fruit. Today I bought for smoothies: 2 cucumbers, a bunch of bananas, 4 pears, a container of yogurt, two containers of cottage cheese, 6 bags of frozen blueberries (33% off), 4 bags of frozen peaches (33% off), a cantaloupe. For consumption outside of smoothies, I picked up pomegranates, onions and green onions (with root). I had kale, carrots, ginger, already. This food can be a little pricey (berries in particular), but I know it’s great for me, and also that it’ll taste great. I spend 15 minutes walking home thinking about what smoothie I’ll try first.

It’s strange to me to feel so good about shopping. But I love unpacking all this healthy fruit and vegetables, thinking about how good it’ll taste, thinking about what combination I’ll try in a smoothie. I enjoy dicing it up and filling up the freezer. And of course I enjoy preparing and drinking smoothies.

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