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So… radio silence for two weeks ain’t good. I succumbed to a series of excuses last week… my back was very sore sitting down, and not in a good way, but in a “if I put pressure on this, who knows what’ll happen?” kind of way. This was the excuse I needed to stop lifting for a few days, and then I just stopped. I’ll get a fresh start after my vacation, when I hope I can get in a rhythm through autumn and winter.

I’ve been extremely busy at work. The past week… I’ve worked 13+ hour days. Yesterday I was working straight through from 8am through 7pm – busy enough doing support work that I didn’t even have time to eat. And then another few hours just doing some lighter stuff. Today I worked from 8am through 11pm, eating only because some people nearby ordered food. It’s insane, but that’s how busy I am – because I’m working on a lot of things, because I had to do support (there’s a rota for our team), and finally because I was preparing to hand off some stuff for my vacation.

Which is the final thing that’s going on. I’ll be away for two weeks, hitting first Iceland, then Amsterdam, Köln, Mainz, München. It only sank in that I really was traveling a few days ago, when some maps I ordered arrived. And then tonight, doing some packing – I’ll mostly be winging it; I have some travel guides on my kindle, a few maps, a few highlights – but mostly I’ll just wander around and see what’s going on. I leave tomorrow afternoon, which gives me some time to prepare and get things in order after the busy week.

One of the cool things about travel is the gadgets, and living out of a bag. Lightweight travel is my favorite – just a medium-sized backpack, a change of clothes, a few electronic devices, a book, toiletries, and I’m good to go. The feeling of self-sufficiency is great.

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  1. Hey, when are you in/near Amsterdam? I can give you a cool tour around Leiden; or just buy you coffee…

  2. Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.


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