Why I Want To Get Fit

If you’d asked me why I wanted to get fit a month ago, the number one reason would have been simple vanity. And vanity is still a big motivating factor.

But my focus has shifted. Partly that’s because I now realize that if I want to get strong, I’ll have to gain some fat as well as muscle. But also I’ve had a growing realization about the psychological importance of fitness.

I work a lot. I learn a bit at work – how to handle myself, how to communicate, and technical aspects of certain programming languages… but mostly it’s “wasted” time. That wasted time extends into my personal life. I don’t hang out with friends much, I’m too mentally exhausted to learn much after work, I sleep a lot or just waste time because I have no energy, etc.

In the end, I mark off days on the calendar based on how much cash I was able to save for the future. A month of my life is thus converted into a few more digits in my bank account.

With fitness, I’ve found at least one thing that I can see some tangible (objective) improvement on. I can lift more weight now than before. I’m a little bit slimmer than I was. I’m a little more motivated and excited about broadened horizons.

I can see myself improving, so each night, I can go to sleep knowing not just that I saved a little bit of money, pulled myself a little bit closer to my dreams – but that I’m also more prepared for when those dreams become real.

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  1. I agree. Besides the obvious physical benefits, it’s similar to diversifying your portfolio. If you have a horrible day at work (stocks go down) you can have a great day at the gym (bonds go up). It’s important to have a few different ways to “win” each day to keep your confidence levels up.


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