So… I keep meaning to “get fit,” with the best intentions… and I keep putting it off. So I’m going to post a lot more frequently – small posts, with basic nutrition intake/workout info. This is for the social pressure. I’m also counting calories. I did this and found it very effective in the past.

My reasons for focusing on fitness, in short, are:

  • I’m tired of feeling “fat.” I put quotations because I don’t think I’m fat, but I’m definitely overweight, enough that I think it’s noticeable – which makes me self-conscious. It limits the clothing I want to wear and the things I want to do.
  • I think I’m more tired than I should be, and I suspect this is due to poor fitness. Good fitness is a force multiplier.
  • In none of my dreams or aspirations do I envision myself being fat. When I think about traveling to Nepal, or Thailand, or Sweden, I don’t imagine myself being overweight or weak there. Same for hiking, or playing frisbee, or even hanging out with friends. My weight and fitness will have a huge impact on whether I enjoy myself or not.

My short-term goal is to be in better shape for my trip to Germany (about 50 days away). Longer-term, I simply want to be in good shape: strong with low bodyfat. My first “number” goal is 170 pounds. I’m probably 190 now but will have the exact number tomorrow.

I’d prefer to keep this short rather than pontificating. For the next two weeks, on the nutrition side I’d simply like to track what I eat. On the exercise side, I’d like to get into the weight-lifting routine. This Friday I’ll have to substitute something else – running or biking probably.

Today, my nutrition breakdown was as follows:

Ate 2500 calories: 85g fat, 270g carbs, 120g protein. The worst was eating oreos & a beer; I also ate both homemade mac&cheese and egg+ramen. The mac&cheese is actually pretty healthy, but together they’re simply too many carbs; the ramen also adds quite a bit of fat.

So there you have it. Tomorrow I’m planning on lifting. For the first two weeks (5 sessions), I’m planning on only doing squats and bench, with some light cardio thrown in. Then I’ll add in rows, deadlifts, overhead press, pullups, and some heavy cardio sprints (HIIT).

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  1. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

    Mac and cheese normally isn’t very healthy, I think. The pasta consists of carbohydrates which contains a lot of calories. If the pasta isn’t wholewheat, there aren’t many fibers involved and also not many vitamins.
    Cheese is okay in small portions and it gives you proteins and some vitamins and minerals, but generally it contains a lot of calories (and fat), so you shouldn’t take too much of it. I believe the “average” American mac and cheese contains waaaaay to much cheese.

    Did you add vegetables to your mac-and-cheese?

    • m741

       /  July 30, 2012

      My mac and cheese contains:

      * Whole wheat pasta
      * 75% fat free cheddar cheese
      * Fat free cottage cheese/greek yogurt
      * Cheese powder
      * Onions
      * Garlic
      * Spices

      I don’t consider it healthy, but I think it’s neutral in moderation.


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