What to expect

What can you, our prospective reader, expect from this blog?

First, we’ll be exploring what it takes to become a ‘Renaissance Man’ – or ‘Renaissance Woman’, for that matter. That means that we’ll be explaining how we’re currently approaching various concrete projects. For instance, I, m741, am looking to expand my programming knowledge, learn German, get in shape, learn how to fix mechanical systems, learn how to paint/draw, and so forth.

We’ll also explore some of the ‘meta’ aspects of becoming a Renaissance Man: why is it a worthy goal (philosophically and practically)? How can we go about learning various new skills? How can we improve our uptake of new skills?

Finally, the ultimate application of our knowledge is to retire early (Financial Independence to Retire Early). Many of the new skills we’ll be acquiring will be in service of reducing expenses or finding new income streams. For instance, you might learn programming so you can develop iPhone apps, or you  might become physically fit to avoid large medical expenses and the need to own a car.

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